Today, all our work is done on the internet. But if the browsing speed of your smartphone is very low, then all the work comes to a halt. So today we are going to tell you somewhere tips in this article, with the help of which you can increase your browsing speed. So let’s start this article.

First of all, check the browsing speed of your smartphone so that you know whether your internet speed has reduced. To check the browsing speed or internet speed of your smartphone, a lot of websites are available on the internet, by visiting it you can check the internet speed of your smartphone.

Check the internet speed of your smartphone by visiting that website on the internet. If the internet speed of your smart phone is less than 5 MB, then your internet speed is very low and you will be slow or your work is going to stop. So you have many tricks and tips available to solve this problem. You will be able to increase the internet speed of your smartphone using it. I am going to tell you all the tricks one by one today.

Close unnecessary tab

When we are working on the Internet, we are opening and keeping many tabs in the browser at once. Suppose you have opened many types of the name in such a way that the website which has heavy video and audio is loaded. With this the internet speed of your smart phone decreases significantly. So, close the unencouraged tabs of your browser, after closing it, your internet speed will be significantly increased. If you do not need a lot of time in the browser, then you only open the tab at the same time.

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Delete unnecessary extension

If the internet is causing problems, then you must check your extension. This is the simple way to check the browser action extension. The simplest way to check Google Chrome extension is to open Google Chrome and click on the 3dot you see above. And click on the option of More Tools in it. After that you will see an option named Extensions, click on it, here you will see all the extensions which are in your browser. Delete all unaccessary extensions from your browser. This method will go a long way in increasing your internet speed.

Delete cache mamory

What happens in our computer is that when a lot of cache memory is gathered in our computer, then our internet speed automatically decreases. What happens in it is that whenever you visit a website, our computer automatically saves some data, so that the next time you visit that website, all those elements that appear on the website are very fast. But for a long time this method reduces your internet speed. So it is very important to delete the catch memory in your mobile or computer and office. Delete the cache memory and cook it from the browser of your computer or smart phone, this will help increase the internet speed of your smartphone or computer quite well.

I have explained here how to delete Cache memory, first you need in your Google Chrome and then click on the 3 dot above. After that go to Settings, after going to Settings, click on Advanced option, and you can clear your browsing data from here.

Here I have told you a lot of decent tricks and tips, with the help of this you can increase your internet speed quite well. If you liked this article of mine, then share this article with your friends, if you have any questions related to this article, then definitely ask in the comment, I will try to answer it.
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