How to increase speaker sound of your Android and Laptop

How to increase speaker sound of Android and Laptop

How to increase speaker sound of Laptop and Android ? Do you think that your phone’s speaker is not working correctly? Or do you think that the loud voice that comes before my phone. If you don’t, then you have clicked on the exactly article.

In this article, I will tell you about how you can increase speaker sound of your mobile phone. I am going to tell you five tricks in the article, with the help of that you will be able to boost the voice of your smartphone.

I will tell you a trick in this article that with the help of which you will be able to boost or amplify the speaker sound of your smartphone. You will have to carefully thank this article.

Trick no-1 for increase speaker sound

To make your phone sound, first of all go to your mobile settings. After going to the settings, you will have to go to the sound option in your mobile or the sound vibration will be with a different name, the sound option is in different phones in different phones, then you find this option and then click on it if you increase it. If not increased, after that you will have to scroll down a bit. If you scroll down, you will get an option called sound enhancement. Click on it.

Once all your volume is checked like media volume alarm volume ring volume notification volume. A media volume is what works when you play a song. Do that And from there you have to enable the loudness option. So this was the first way to increase the voice.

Trick no-2 for boost speaker sound

Now I am giving you the second way to increase the voice of your smartphone. The second way is a little advanced. So let’s talk about the other way.
You have to go to the settings of your smartphone. After going to Settings, you will now have to go to Out Phone. After going to the settings, you will see an option called About phone, you have to click on it. Going into it, you have to enable the developer option of your smartphone. If you click on the option with Build number 7 to 8 times, then your developer mod will be turned on.

Then you have to come out a step, then you will see a folder named Developer Option, you have to click on it, after going into the developer option you will have to scroll down. Option will be enabled. What will happen to him is that a little voice will increase. What will happen to him that if you are using an ear phone or a head phone, then you will also hear a little more voice in it.

Trick no-3 for improve speaker sound

After that, I will talk to you about this third way in this article today. If you are streaming an MP3 music or listening to an application by downloading it, then play or stream it in higher volume and the highest quality, then your help will hear the sound of your phone a little more. Highest quality means to stream 320 kbps from which tree. Because the higher the quality movie, the more sound will be heard. After that I am also going to tell you the fourth trick today.

Trick no-4 for boost your speaker sound

If your smartphone is in Do Not Disturb Mode, then remove it from it. Because, do not disturb mode will decrypt your voice quite often. Either will completely mute again. Today I am going to tell you five tricks too, that too is quite interesting.

Trick no -5

Test your headphones to see if they are shorted

If your headphones are fairly old, heavily worn, kinked in places from repeated spooling and unspooling, or have gotten wet more than a few times, they’re more likely to die on you from wiring coming undone or shorting out. Try out a different set of headphones and see if your sound comes back.

Trick no-6 for boost sound

Turn off Bluetooth

To untether your phone from Bluetooth devices, swipe down to reveal the Quick Settings, than tap the Bluetooth icon so that it turns gray.

Trick no-7 for increase speaker sound

You open your Google Play store, in the Google Play Store you get a lot of applications for Equalizer and Bass Booster, by doing any of them, you will be able to increase the voice of your smartphone, you can see the rating of that application and any of them By downloading it you will be able to increase the voice in your mobile.

Trick no-8

Brush the dust off your external speakers.

If your speakers aren’t putting out what they used to, try cleaning them out. A compressed air can works best if you have it, but a clean brush can do the trick too.

Trick no-9

Clear the lint out of your headphone jack

Lint can get trapped in your headphone jack and compacted down further when plugging in headphones. You can use a sewing needle or safety pin to skewer bits of lint and scoop them out.

Trick no-10 for increase speaker sound

Close any open audio-playing apps.

Some apps that play audio and/or video have their own app-specific volume settings, which can alter the volume of your system while running in the background. The most common culprits are misconfigured or buggy equalizer apps. Since they’re designed to take precedence over the system volume, they can suppress volume if set up incorrectly. To close them, bring up your open apps and swipe them to the side.

So, with the help of all these tricks you can how to increase speaker sound Till then I would hope that you liked my article if you do not forget to share with your friends this article if you liked my article and if you ask, of course, in comments if any question is related to this article.
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