SD cards and their different class, Micro SD cards Types explained in detail

Friends, I sincerely hope that all of you must have bought an SD card for your camera or smartphone at some time. But at the time of purchase, you must have been quite confused about which SD card to take and which one should not, because the price of the same looking SD card is different, one is worth ₹ 500 and one is also ₹ 2000. Today I will tell you in this article why there is such a difference in their price and which SD card you should buy for your smartphone or camera. So let’s start the article.

Types of SD cards

There are three types of SD cards

1.Micro SD cards

2.SD cards

3.Mini SD card.

This card is in three categories.




Small size of SD card, which we call Micro SD card. Woah is made up to 4GB. They did not have the potential to be above 4GB. You came to a new technology which we named SDHC. HC means high capacity. Why is the card its size could be made from 4GB to 32 GB. After 32GB, when we needed to make more cards, we used another technology called XC. MICROSD XC means Extended Capacity. With their help, we can make cards from 32GB to 2tb.

There is also a category in terms of speed, so let’s talk about it.


It is class, it tells the speed of the SD card. If it is class six ahead, then it will support second speed at 6 megabytes. UHS which we call Ultra High Speed. UHS card speeds go from 300 to 320 megabytes in seconds.

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How to choose best SD card

Now we talk about which SD card you should give and which should not be taken. So friends, if you are buying a new SD card to store movies or songs on your smartphone, then you can buy Class 4 or above. You will not get any problems. If you are taking an SD card to store HD recording, then you should at least buy a Class 6 card. If you buy a Class 4 card, then the job is recording your video, then its size will be so high that it will not be able to support the speed and the video is very bad record.

So, you want to record 4K on your smartphone, then you buy a UHS card. This card is best for recording 4k. You will not have any problem while recording more 4k. If you are buying a card for your camera, then you have to see what work you do in your camera. If you do a normal recording, you can buy any card for Class 6 or above.

If you take RAW images in it or do 4k recording then you should buy a UHS card. If you have bought a lower class then you will have a lot of problem while recording or capturing images, so if you take a UHS card then you will not have any problem.

Friends, I have told you about the SD card in this article and which SD card you should buy. I hope you liked this article of mine. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and if you have any questions related to this article, then definitely ask in the comments, I will try my best to answer it.

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