What is HDR? How useful is it? Explained HDR + high dynamic range

What is HDR?

What is HDR ? – Friends, I sincerely hope that you have seen the option of HDR name somewhere in your phone. The question in your mind would be what is HDR, when and where to use it, what will work. Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about HDR in this article and what it works, so friends, I hope you will like this article of mine, so let’s start the article.

HDR we call High Dynamic Range. Before knowing about this high dynamic range, we get to know about the dynamic range.

See when we take a photo in such a condition that some part of the photo is coming in the shade, some part of the photo is getting too much light, then in the photo where we get less light, that part looks dark and where Light is coming more, we find that part more full of light. And your photo looks very bad.

So, this means that your camera is not able to recognize low level of light and very high level and your photos are very bad.

Working principle of HDR

When you take a photo with HDR turned on, your camera takes not one but three photos. He takes a normal photo, he takes a photo, by greatly increasing his exposure, and takes the last third photo, by reducing his brightness very quickly.

What will happen to that, where there was less light in your photo, it will make it a bit more light, it will reduce the part where there was more light in your photo and your photo will be very good.

More information

So, what does HDR stand for? High-dynamic-range. In photo terms, dynamic range is the difference between the lightest and darkest elements of an image. 

HDR is a process which increases this dynamic range beyond what could otherwise be captured by your smartphone lens.

It can be used to create either accurate representations of what you can see with your eyes, or more artsy shots that create a high-definition feel to landscapes.

Though the ultimate goal of HDR is to create more impressive pictures, it’s not a feature that should be used for every single photograph.

It depends on what you are shooting. 

How does HDR work?

When you take a photo with HDR enabled, the camera captures several images in quick succession with different exposure values. 

The smartphone camera software then combines these images into a single photo which maintains detail from the darkest and lightest regions. 

Before this functionality found its way to smartphone cameras, you had to capture three photos (with your camera of choice), transfer them to a PC, open them in Photoshop or something similar and use the HDR software function to combine the three images, highlighting the best parts of each, to achieve the same effect.

Thankfully, smartphone manufacturers have adapted HDR to their devices’ camera software so that, when activated, the phone does all of this work automatically. 

Because the software is essentially combining several images to create your final shot, HDR works best with static shots and a steady hand.

Some of the conditions for using this feature are:

This feature may be affected by camera shake, lighting, movement of the subject, and shooting environment. 

The flash is disabled in this feature. 

When taking a photo of moving subjects, an after-image may appear. 

Using a tripod is always recommended.

When not to use HDR?

If you are taking an image of a moving subject, then in this condition you do not have to call HDR mode.

Because if you are taking a photo of a moving subject, then your subject is moving, in that condition your camera will take three photos, by the time it takes three photos, your photo will get there and there will be a very bad image and a lot of blur Photo will come.

Another condition in which you should not use HDR mode is the low light condition.

Although you can use HD Armored in low light, but what will happen is that your light level will decree a bit like I mentioned earlier that when your camera turns on HDR mode, 3 photos will be captured when the photo is taken.

When you process your camera and leave these three photos, then the light in your photo will be very low and you will get a low light image.

So guys, in this article of today, I told you what is HDer mode? And how does it work? I told you about him, I hope you know about him. If you liked this article of mine, then do not forget to share this article with your friends, because if your friend does not know about it, then I have discussed about HDR mode and its work in it. .


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