What is NFC ? NFC Modes and NFC Tags -explained

Guys, do you know what NFC is? And how does your mobile work? Hello friends, I am going to tell you about this in this article today. I hope you like my article, let’s start the article.

What is NFC?

Friends, you all know how much NFC is being used nowadays. In such a situation, you need to know what is NFC? NFC is a wireless service full name Near Field Communication. With the help of NFC, you can transfer or receive data from one device to another. The electromagnetic field is used in NFC. Because of which if you have to transfer data from one device to another, then both those devices have to be kept close. If both the devices are far away from each other then you cannot transfer data.

The speed of data transfer with the help of NFC varies from 106 kbps to 424 kbps. Now we will understand NFC with the help of an examiner. Suppose you have turned on NFC in a device, as soon as you turn on NFC, a field is created around them, ie a communication field is created. And as soon as you bring any other NFC-enabled device to them and touch both, then they will be connected to each other. After that you can transfer any kind of data from one device to another, with the help of NFC you can send all the photos, videos etc. from one phone to another. But for that you will have to keep both devices close because the range that is there is from 2 centimeters to 3 centimeters, due to these, you have to keep both days very close. Only then you can transfer data.

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So friends, you must have understood what NFC is? And how does it work? After this, we will now discuss what is NFC modes?

What is NFC Modes?

1.peer to peer mode
2.Read / write mode
3.card emulator mode

There are three types of NFC Modes.

1.peer to peer mode

Within this turn, both the devices have to remain active only then they can transfer data from one device to another or can send or receive information.

2.Read/write mode

One way data transfer takes place here. It works with the help of NFC Tages. I have explained this at the end of this article.

3.card emulator mode

In this, you can use NFC as a card. Like credit card, you can use it like a debit card.

What is NFC Tags?

It is a small chip, which we also call a tag, and inside it a micro chip is inserted, with the help of which it can listen to the data. This means that you can give the command you want to give from mobile. For this, you will have to install an application in your mobile called trigger- Task Launcher. You can download the app from Google Play Store. Or with the help of the app, put whatever command you want to put inside the chip. As soon as you move this tag closer to that device, it will be connected to the device and whatever command you put in it, the command will be heard there.

So friends, you must have understood what NFC is? How does it work? What is NFC Mode? What is NFC Tags? If you liked this article of mine, then definitely share it with your friends and if you have any questions related to this article, then definitely ask in the comment. I will try my best to answer that.

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