Friends, nowadays you have reduced any two smartphones, if you want to see its camera specification, then you must have seen ois. We are going to talk about what this OIS is and how it works and what are its benefits. Hello friends my name is Ravi and today I am going to tell you about it.

What is ois?

The full meaning of the friends that he comes in comes out. Optical image stabilization, so what is this and how it works, I am going to tell you today. Optical image stabilization helps to stabilize the image.

Example of ois->

Here, Optical means look at example, you take a photo during the day, when there is plenty of light, you have a juice shutter of the camera that opens for 200th of a second. Because as soon as that sweater opens, the camera’s sensor gets a lot of light, it stops and you see your photo. But when we talk about the low light as if the light is very low or not at all, then the sutter of the camera at that time tries to keep it open for as long as possible, sometimes several times a tenth of a second. The 20th of a second is the one-tenth of a second, this time is too much and for a common person, if that photo was put in me, then the time I have is too much and 1 second His call a move for the tenth field.

How to use ois ?

Or it is a normal thing. It happens to every person, optical image stabilization. He tries not to move you when he shakes his phone or tries to finish it. If you take a photo from a normal phone that does not have the option of optical image stabilization, then what happens is that there are two things, either the image is damaged or the image is moving, causing the details of your image to disintegrate throughout the image. Goes, or your image will turn dark. Because the camera thinks that my moving is why I reduce the time. As soon as it reduces the time, the photo does not get so much light, then the photo comes dark.

Importance of ois in Photo

Now see what optical image stabilization does, suppose that your phone has a camera in your hand at the time you take a photo, then your hand is moving, then optical image stabilization does that the lens of the camera makes it turn upside down , So as if your hand is moving or the mechanical parts inside optical image stabilization will rotate the lens in opposite directions or counterclockwise. And so the camera will not mind that your phone is moving and it will keep your camera’s center open for maximum time and your photo comes out very good.

Importance of ois in video

We did this for a photo here. Optical image stabilization is also for video, so we will now talk about video. Friends, when you are recording video as if you are walking and you are taking a video of something while walking, then by walking you will get a little bit of mine but with the help of optical image stabilization, we can reduce this thing. You can, and whatever is in your mouth, be minimized and a smooth quality video should be given.

So, the optical image stabilization has become common in the phone that is coming nowadays. Hare is the best phone of the company, it has this feature. But it was started by Nokia company first. Then optical image stabilization was first seen in a smartphone. Since then this feature has become very important, when you have to take a good photo or good video, then this feature is very useful.

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