What is screen casting? And how does it work?

Friends, all of you must have seen an option somewhere in your mobile called Cast Screening, Cast Mirroring, or Airplay. Today in this article, we will know what is the meaning of all this and what is the use in our mobile. So let’s start the article.

Friends, you see all these options, there is a wireless display option in a way, with the help of which you can show the screen of your mobile on the big screen without any wires. If both your devices are on the same wifi or support standard. Now it is standard, it has been given different names all over the world. Apple has named it Airplay, which works only on Apple devices. The subject works on Apple products like iPod, iPhone, MacBook etc.

What is screen mirroring

With their help, you can share each other’s screens. As if you have a small TV and you want to see its screen on a big TV, then you can easily do this job using this feature. While watching a game or video, you can see your small screen in the big screen. A very good advantage of screen shares or airplanes is that it does not require any wires. This system is named as Meera Cast by Android. In today’s era, you get the option of Mira Cast in all Android smartphones. With its help, you can share your Android screen on any big device such as laptop or TV. The option of Meera Cast also comes in laptop or TV. Nowadays many companies are launching TVs, this option also comes in smart TVs, with the help of this, you can share the TV’s display on your mobile or laptop too.

share mobile display in your tv

If you do not have the option of Mira Cast in your TV, then you will not be able to share the mobile display in your TV, but in today’s times, the whole company provides gadgets to us, with the help of which we can put that gadget on the TV on our Android smartphone or You can use the iPhone display on your TV.

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Today, many products like Amazon Fire Stick are available in the market. With its help, you will be able to do screen mirroring quite easily. There should also be a fairly good wifi speed for screen mirroring. If the wifi speed is low then you will get to see the leg while the screen mirroring.

Play games in TV

Nowadays many companies are launching game consoles. Microsoft like big companies are putting their game consoles in the market. With the help of it, you can gaming on your laptop quite well, but its fun will be even better,When the screen is big, you can cast your laptop screen on the TV. With the help of the option of, you will be able to share and bring your gaming screen to the big TV. This will make your gaming experience even better.

If you have to share the display of your Android smartphone on TV, then what will have to be done for it? I have told about it here. First of all you will have to go to the settings of your smart phone, after that you will have to turn on WiFi from there because only you will be able to screen mirroring when WiFi is on, then after that you will have to type Mira Cast in the search bar, then the option of Mira Cast in front of you Click on it and enable or turn on Mira Cast option. After doing this, the option of My Cast in your mobile will start. After that you have to turn this option on in your TV. For that you go to the settings of your TV, turn on WiFi from there and then go to the option of Mira Cast and turn it on, there it will tell you the name of your device or the name of the TV in your smartphone and click on it and your Or the feature will be connected and start working, now the display of your smartphone will be visible on your big TV and you can enjoy this picture with it. Mobile sound will also play on TV.

So you can screen mirroring in this way. If you liked this article of mine then don’t forget to share it with your friends and if you have any questions related to this article, then definitely ask in the comment, I will try to answer it.
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