Why Smartphone become slow with time? How to make them last longer?

Friends, sometimes you will feel that your smartphone is becoming slow over time. When you got a new smartphone, it worked very well and now it is not working well, or its performance has decreased. So in today’s article, we are going to talk about this, so let’s start the article. Today I will tell you why it happens, and what you can do to fix it.


Buggy OTA Updates

Friends, the first reason why your smartphone is slow is software update. It has been seen many times that when the phone is updated, its performance decreases. Because maybe he is the version that was not right for him. Or the company has given that update in a hurry. If you are satisfied with the performance of your phone, then do not update your smart phone if nothing is changed in it, because there are problems in it many times. As soon as you get the update, then you do not update it, you can search on the Internet to see what its reviews are, and there is no problem in it and only then you update your smartphone.

Search the internet after the update of the phone, its performance has decreased or there has been a difference in its battery backup, then update your smart phone if you are satisfied.

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Heavy App Updates

When you install an application in your phone, you also get updates from the Play Store. And the application developer feels that there are a lot of latest phones in the market, then the phone recording updates its apps, friends, it may be that the application is not optimized for your mobile and when you update it. You will see a decrease in the performance of your application or the performance of the smartphone. Friends, if there is not a big improvement or update in that application, then you do not update that application, for this you can also close the automatic update option in the Play Store. So that you can update the application according to your wish and if you want.


Junk app data

Friends, the third factor is that of installing more applications, when you install a lot of applications then the performance of your smartphone will decrease. Sometimes we install two to four new applications a day to try, if we do not like them after installing them, we also uninstall it, but whenever we install on, then that application is complete Some of its folders do not go through your phone, some files remain in your phone.

Gradually, this thing gets assembled and your phone gets a lot of space. What happens when your phone has a file system, assuming your phone has 16GB of memory, so Android manages 16GB of space There is a lot of problem in doing it. Sometimes it has been seen that the small fulders are scattered in small spaces. Or the files stop, your phone becomes slow and many times this application is running in the background, your smartphone becomes slow or your smartphone’s performance is reduced.

The solution is that if you do not use this application, remove it from your mobile or install it on it, and delete all the files that you have from your mobile, this will boost the performance of your smartphone.

You can make your smartphone fast with the help of many tricks and tips in this way, to know this trick, you have been visiting our people, we will try to share the trick related to it here so that you can faster your phone If you have liked this article of mine, you can create or promote its performance, then do not forget to share this article with your friends whose mobile key Ormens reduced. If you have any question related to this article, then I will try to answer it in the comments.
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